I’m a work in regress

17 03 2012

Life, or so I believed it to be life, has a way of getting you down. Recently, I’ve been feeling I’m on the verge of depression. Seeing a tragic event from Syria on tv peaked my interest into humanitarian efforts only to find more and more questions unanswered from my cozy living room in San Diego, while millions of people are dying from a lack of clean water, or from hunger. The deeper I looked, the more troubling this world seems. Right in the middle of trying to narrow down what the vision of my efforts will be, this Kony 2012 campaign took flight.

It’s unfortunate, the whole Jason Russell thing. What a passionate man, deeply invested in a great mission to stop an evil man and organization only to be criticized by thousands upon thousands of people. Now, he’s in a mental health facility while the world gossips how he was masturbating in public.

That’s life. Or is it?

It always seems when we are at our most humble, on the verge of brokenness (or deep in it), fixing our eyes upon our Creator, Satan finds his way into our life. I believe what happened to Jason Russell, to an extent, was an act of evil spirits. I believe my “depressed” state is brought upon by Satan. It’s tough to consider that I let my emotions be dictated by the opposition of everything that is good and holy. It’s even more tough because I know it to be true.

We just started a life group going over Forgotten God by Francis Chan. It’s about the Holy Spirit. My current emotional state is about to be slapped down by the Ghost!


5 01 2012

With every New Years, we all come up with resolutions. Our good friend, Jessica, referenced www.oneword365.com in her blog so I figured that’s a great way to come to my resolution.

My word is: deliberate.

I want to be deliberate in everything I do; in studying the Bible, in parenting, in exercising, in eating, in work, in my marriage. I want to be more deliberate in everything.

For Christmas, I gave Megan a book. She’d rather be like every other 14 year old girl reading the Hunger Games but I got her a book written by the man of her dreams. You may think I’m the man of her dreams but I’m just the man of her reality. The man of her dreams is Drew Brees. I thought she could use an inspirational book and it has worked. But I digress. Talking about his rehab of his torn shoulder, he writes you just need to “win the day.”

That quote led me to my choice of the word “deliberate.”

Each day can be a failure or a success. But it’s just a day. Trying to focus on 365 days of being at the top of my game is daunting. If I focus on trying to win each day, my goals seem much more attainable.

When I wake up and don’t have a plan for the morning, I don’t read the Bible. When I’m at work and don’t think about what I’m going to eat later, I’ll pick up fast food. Also at work, when I’m not deliberate about doing the routine tasks, I’ll sit back and look at Facebook on my phone and let the work pile up. When I’m not deliberate about showing my love to Megan, I let her birthday go by without getting her a real gift. When I don’t plan on putting exercise in the day, I’ll just fall asleep on the couch watching a tv show I didn’t even care to watch in the first place. When I’m not deliberate about parenting my 3 amazing boys, they can go days without seeing the outside of the house.

All of these things need to change this year. And for me to do that, I need to be DELIBERATE.

If you get a chance, please remind me of my one word!

Happy New Year!

I’m back!!!

12 04 2011

Hoping to try and reignite the creative process..albeit through something as mundane as this blog. We’ll see if I keep it up and if anything starts clicking in my brain.

Let’s do this!!!


30 05 2009

Actually, not really. But it’s been sitting in the fridge for quite some time and I felt like a beer!!!

Champagne of Beers

Welcome To Mexico

30 05 2009

Megan and I were down at the Otay Ranch mall this evening walking around REI when I get a text message. It says “Welcome to Mexico!”

I think I received this message about 10 years too late…

New Blog

30 05 2009

Ok…for no reason other than I wanted to try something different, I decided to switch over to wordpress for a while. if any of you (Bobby) have any reasons why I should stay with wordpress or go back to blogspot, I’d greatly appreciate the feedback. Keep in mind, I’m a complete moron when it comes to this type of stuff.

Worship Confessional 5.24.09

30 05 2009

I had the privelege of leading worship again this past Sunday. I have been on so infrequently I usually am a little nervous and all the technical problems that have been happening lately hasn’t helped out. But, this past weekend, everything seemed to work out.

I showed up pretty much on time. There was a drummer…and a sound guy…and since it was only a 4 piece band, and we only did 4 songs, we didn’t have to go over too much. I changed around the arrangements a little bit just to make it more interesting but everything on my end went great.

Unfortunately, the computer that our church just bought didn’t have dual video cards so EasyWorship wasn’t displaying the words (actually I don’t know if there was a blank screen behind me or a logo…) For the most part, everybody seemed engaged and I tried to pre-cursor verses and choruses when I could, without getting too annoying.

Here are the songs we did: Let God Arise (Tomlin), Our God Saves (Baloche), God You Reign (Brewster), Your Name (Baloche), Surrender (Marc James) – I guess that’s 5 songs, isn’t it?

All in all, I feel it went really well. It also helps Isaac (our drummer) absolutely ROCKS!!!!

‘Til next time…

Tax increase update

29 05 2009

Proposition A (the 1% tax increase initiative in Chula Vista) was voted down almost 3 to 1. I am fortunate enough to have been able to bypass any negative impacts thus far. With that said, our department is keeping everything quiet so we’ll see if anything persists.

In the meantime, if you are a praying individual, please keep our family in your prayers (for many things, so you can be vague!!!)